ABS Avalanche Airbag System Base Unit


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  • The original Avalanche Airbag, introduced in 1985. The Avalanche Airbag is an intelligent system used to prevent complete burial in an avalanche and to survive the accident as unharmed as possible. The rescue concept: with one pull on the activation handle on the backpack, the tow airbags will inflate in mere seconds to a total volume of 170 liters. This additional volume will likely prevent the burial of the carrier. 97% out of 262 avalanche victims who activated the ABS airbag survived practically unharmed. Two airbags, located on either side, provide enhanced safety and a superior buoyancy effect as well as unobstructed view and full freedom of movement. Please note that the cartridge as well as the activation handle can be re-filled by ABS. The bag itself can be used many times. A backpack base unit houses the complete ABS System-Various sizes (5 to 15 liters) can be easily zipped on. You need to purchase a Variot Summit SB Backpack #447643 or #447669 and the ABS Airbag Activation Unit #447593 to complete the ABS Avalanche Airbag System.

  • Content: 100% Nylon